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Today, Glass shower cabinets are one of the most trendy internal bathrooms and Spa’s designs due to the unparalleled touch of luxury, relaxation, and lavishness they provide.

In Raoom, we specialize in producing customly-designed shower cabinets for luxurious facilities, such as hotels, summer houses, and houses, in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and ornaments, and according to the highest standards for heat and striking resistance, and ease of installment, cleaning, and repairing.

For those who own a fine taste and like to enjoy luxury in the smallest details, glass is a core component of their furnituring; thus, glass tables and desks are a must-have in their surroundings, be it work or intimate ones.

We, in Raoom, design and produce special models for closed areas such as glass desks, tables, and figures according to our end-customers’ preferences in their homes, offices, studios, or anywhere else.

For walls, splitters, mirrors, and even ceilings, Decor Glass is one of the favourite pieces to savvy decor designers for its fine splendor and fineness; in addition to ability to add a sense of vastness to the closed spaces.

In Raoom, we design and manufacture Decor Glass pieces for houses’, stores’, and offices’ decors in different sizes, styles, and ornaments that fit all applications, and top of all, tastes.

The Curved Glass is another stunning, cutting-edge component of interior design and architecture in the modern era, which is often used in museums, galleries, libraries, and organizations that like to embrace a modern presence and personality. And due to the rapid and revolutionary development of the recent architecture styles; using the Curved glass in building frontals has become one of the most popular trends.

Towards fulfilling such a great demand, we in Raoom develop a variety of Curved glass designs and products with a vast variety of curviness, processing, plating, resistance, and safety properties.

Display Frontals are an integral part of any place’s aesthetics, especially those are focused on promotion, whether it’s a restaurant, exhibit, or a facility. Sometimes they independently operate as a powerful attraction factor to the customers and guests.


In Raoom, we design hardened, anti-breaking/scratching frontals that fit different interior and exterior designs and special needs for almost all types of buildings; to provide them with a unique opportunity to showcase their offerings in the finest, clearest way.

In all of their uses, be it internal or external, glass doors are one game-changing aesthetic component in modern design.

Through our Glass Door manufacturing in Raoom, we combine exquisite designs and engravings in the different levels of thickness, shininess, sizes, and even the final touches; to improve the glass resistance against external factors, such as fire, pushing, and knocking, in addition to ensure adding a well lighting and airing to the spaces where they are used.

We offer a whole range of glass doors that fit all types of applications- such as halls, corridors, plazas, malls, government buildings, health-care facilities, educational organizations, and more. Each is carefully produced according to the right desired coverage, thickness, and the high resistance standards against fires and striking.

Building Glass Frontals rank at the top of most remarkable architectural trends in the last few decades. It single-handedly makes the greatest impact of the first impression the building or the organization leaves in the minds of the visitors and passerbys.


For malls, commercial facilities, houses, or for whatever application, our factories produce all types and designs of high quality Glass Frontals that aren’t only distinctively designed and finished, but are also exceptionally insulating and persevering against heat, noises, or/and natural disasters.

Drilling the glass and mirrors is a special technique, and is different from drilling on any other material; as it requires special skills and a laser-like focus to conduct without damaging the sensitive glass materials.

Whether it’s for mirrors, glass cabinets, splitters, tables, shelves, or anything else, we use modern fragmenting tools and equipment that can pierce through diverse levels of thicknesses, while parallelly match the strict international glass drilling standards to ensure the maximum safety for our end-consumers.

One of our glass processes is the thorough grinding and polishing of glass edges.

We conduct this step after the glass cutting, and before the hardening phase; where we cautiously carve and scrub the glass edges to give them a neat, harmless finish.

This step is often done for products with exposed ends, especially for the regular customers, such as tables, desks, frameless shower cabinets, glass balustrade, splitters, and much more.

The Stained Glass is one of the most aesthetic glass products; as it provides a touch of elegance and radiance when hit by the glowing sun rays.

In Raoom, we create the Stained Glass by putting stained glass pieces together, they then get cut into tiny parts, and eventually, interlocked on delicate ribs of Lead.

Later, our artists manually paint the small details on the final pieces; to ultimately produce it in a stunning, capturing fashion.