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Mirrors are the most popular and used reflective surfaces. They are used everywhere by everyone, from homeowners to surgeons, and can come in different forms, such as straight, convex, and concave.

In Raoom, We make mirrors with metals like silver or aluminum due to their high reflectivity properties. They are applied a thin coating on the glass due to its smooth and hard surface; that’s how we create the perfect, highly-reflective and pure mirror products used for every application with every thickness, flexibility, and sizes.

Polycarbonate is one of the ultra-durable, lightweight thermoplastics. It excels glass in its high resistance against breakage, heat, noise, and other external factors such as rain and wind. It also has a high level of transparency to outdoor lights, and is characterized by its color durability over the years.

In Raoom, we make polycarbonate from a polymer treated with carbon to give flexibility and durability at the same time, so we can shape and bend it according to the desired design, without the need for high heat. We coat the polycarbonate sheets with a UV blocking, UV and fire retardant coating.

Polycarbonate is used to cover gates, fences, roofs, and domes for luxury homes as a competitive alternative to glass. It is also used to cover swimming pools, playgrounds, and greenhouses, in addition to being used in home decor, home and office furniture, and car accessories.

The Clear Glass is a pure, see-through glass that is made of primary materials like soda, calcium, sodium oxide, and magnesium.

In our factories in Raoom, we produce different types of transparent glass that have spectacular transparency, purity, and radiance, in different measurements and sizes that fit every application.

One of our top, highly-requested products in Raoom is the Tinted glass. 

Tinted Glass is a straight, transparent glass to which our technicians add special pigments during the processing, which give it the ability to absorb sun rays and cause an optical illusion.

The pigments we add to the glass are eye-friendly, serene/warm colors such as grey, brown, blue, and green. This type of glass is often used in windows, houses, and worshiping buildings’ designs; to give a sense of warmth and tranquility to the viewers and owners.

The reflective glass is a straight glass that we cover with a thin layer of metal to reduce the effect of sun rays that pass through by reflecting some of them.

The metal layers we use give the glass a non-transparency characteristic from the side it’s used on. And due to its low emission, it obscures vision from outside during the day due to the reflection of sun rays on the glass.

The sum of these great properties makes the reflective glass a perfect sustainable solution for houses and facilities to enjoy a great privacy and a temperate, environment-friendly atmosphere.

This type of glass is one of our most recommended glass types that we strongly advise for the safety of our customers and their beloved ones.

In Raoom, we manufacture this glass by adding grids of metal wires during the manufacturing process to enhance the glass resistance. Yet, while these grids don’t necessarily protect the glass from breaking, they definitely reduce the scattering when it does; thus reducing the damage and harm on the consumers.

Due to its safe nature, this glass is often used in places where individuals’ safety is a priority, such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, rehabs, and clinics.

Grained glass is a type of blinding glass that is commonly used in doors and windows in bathrooms and kitchens.

The grained glass is produced by whether sandblasting, application of vinyl film, or acid etching of clear sheet glass. This process creates a pitted surface of the glass on one of the two sides that can scatter the light that passes through, therefore blurring the sight while still transmitting light.

This type of glass has 10-20% opacity; thus is used to have both a fair lighting and privacy at the same time.