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Polycarbonate is one of the ultra-durable, lightweight thermoplastics. It excels glass in its high resistance against breakage, heat, noise, and other external factors such as rain and wind. It also has a high level of transparency to outdoor lights, and is characterized by its color durability over the years.

In Raoom, we make polycarbonate from a polymer treated with carbon to give flexibility and durability at the same time, so we can shape and bend it according to the desired design, without the need for high heat. We coat the polycarbonate sheets with a UV blocking, UV and fire retardant coating.

Polycarbonate is used to cover gates, fences, roofs, and domes for luxury homes as a competitive alternative to glass. It is also used to cover swimming pools, playgrounds, and greenhouses, in addition to being used in home decor, home and office furniture, and car accessories.